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We are a Management Consulting and Marketing Agency with specialization in Business Events, Associations Development and Management, Fundraising Solutions, and On-Demand Marketing. We are Professional Event Planners, Associations Experts and Marketing Professionals who leverage the Affiliation, Advocacy, Event, and On-Demand Marketing as powerful Marketing Techniques when applied the right way, at the right time and in good balance.

Headquartered in Toronto (Canada), we leverage our diversity, economic and political stability to create innovative Marketing Solutions for Local and Global Connections as well as for Professional and Community Engagements. Our core operations are all in Canada, with global Partners, Reach and Perspectives as well as international clients.


Great Benefits in hiring 3rd Party Event Management Service

Event Management for major business events is a complex profession that requires certain skills. Several organizations task their marketing or sales teams, sometimes executive assistants or other senior staff involved in administration or client relationships to organize their events. Not only that event management is one of the most stressful jobs as rated by various…