CEO/Founder’s Message

coThe raw idea of QBase Management was born in 2001 when ancestor company InfoQBase was founded. At that time, the focus was completely technological as the idea behind it was all about bringing some integrative solutions to some service industries by optimizing the intelligent use of big data and information queues. By then, the company had a pro-active participation into a biometric technology patent and the roll-out of a text-based consumers’ telecom service, that is today’s SMS. We have gone that route realizing the gap that existed in some service industries by then and how technology can help. Subsequently, I have spent several years working in leadership positions in the technology departments of major financial service organizations during which technology was providing valuable solutions to the financial services and filling in gaps by capitalizing on opportunities in trading, transactions processing, investment and risk management.

Several years later, I decided to explore a new sector that is interesting to me and I ran an Event Management agency where we organized and produced conferences, exhibitions, and special events for almost 3 years. During that period, both the field focus and being a well-networked professional affiliated with several professional organizations, I had great exposure to associations, fundraising agencies and other forms of non-profit organizations. This is when the gaps and opportunities in business events, associations and non-profit management as well as fundraising challenges became obvious to me. With the same innovative spirit of InfoQBase, I decided in 2016 to launch a focused practice and a continuous stream of services and solutions to address these gaps and opportunities within these sectors through QBase Management.

In today’s world, we live in a business environment where increased local and global competitions are the norm, we undergo major generational changes and differences, and we are surrounded by sophisticated technology that did not exist a decade or two ago. At the same time, there is so much noise, distractions and time constraints everywhere which required a high calibre of differentiation and powerful extended reach to our target audience, where a good mix of strong professional practice and effective technology use can significantly help. Engagement was never more important than it is today across the globe (both democratic and non-democratic societies) so that we could be better heard and served. This is the vision and mission of QBase Management to provide the professional practice and viable solutions to business events, membership-based organizations, and other mid-size For-Profit organizations to increase the reach, maximize the engagement, and sustain a predictable growth.

With me personally being clear about my goals in life to be a great marketer / business developer, a great educator, and a great helper to others, I have a clear vision for QBase Management and I am confident we are on the right path. We will help creating a professional practice, more ethical events, positive economic impact with better returns, engaged communities and overall more cost-effective practice and solutions for business events, associations, fundraising agencies and SMEs. I hereby dedicate my personal and QBase Management’s efforts to vow for the growth of our clients, prosperity of our society and for a better world for all of us.


Mark Elmorsy, MBA, MSc, BEng.

President and CEO