By accessing this website for QBase Management, you accept all the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Please review carefully so that you understand how we collect, handle and use any information that you provide through this website.

By submitting any personal or contact data through this website, you agree to giving QBase Management your permission to store and use the data for the context of the primary purpose of the data provision and in compliance with local and federal regulations. QBase Management is committed to safeguarding any received data according to the highest standards of data protection and the use of this data is in full compliance with Canadian laws and regulations such as CASL (Canadian Antispam Legislation) and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). We are also fully compliant with the EU GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) for all our European Operations. QBase Management is committed to the full compliance with local laws and regulations in any country or region where we conduct business operations.

QBase Management does not share any data with external parties or affiliates and therefore any third party sites accessed through is considered out of scope for the statements of this policy. Any further submission of your data to those sites is at your sole discretion and QBase Management will not directly share it on your behalf unless we are legally required by law to provide such information for any legal or criminal investigation or when necessary to protect and/or defend our rights, assets, employees or clients’ safety. QBase Management is neither responsible nor liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage, loss or privacy breach caused or alleged to be caused by or related to the use of any connection or content that is accessible (as a 3rd party website) through the QBase Management website since we have no control over the content and practice of 3rd party suppliers.

The most common personal data elements that we capture, store and could use through this website are those such as person’s Name, Email Address, Phone Numbers, and in some occasions the physical or mailing address. We collect and use this data to respond to questions, claims or service requests, as voluntarily submitted by you. When transacting with QBase Management, remaining in contact with its officers and employees, or when opting in to receiving electronic Newsletter through this website, your name and Email address could be used for this communication and you will always have the right and option to unsubscribe or opt out of this communication in compliance with CASL.

From time to time, we may introduce changes to this Privacy Policy and therefore you are encouraged to check the policy on regular basis when submitting or changing your data. We maintain clear and transparent records of all changes to the policy and we are fully committed to ensure compliance with the policy in place at the time of capturing and using any personal data. We will also exert best efforts to notify you of any significant changes that could impact you if we have your data stored with us.  In the case of a merger or acquisition that involves QBase Management (All or Part of it), this policy under which the collection of data has taken place, remains in effect and any new party has the obligation to comply with the policy until receiving a resolution or individual approvals of any proposed major changes to the policy.

We may collect other non-personal information through your interaction with this website such as the connection location, internet service provider and the type of internet browser you use as well as the source of your connection to our website (if you were directed from other websites). This could also imply the use of website cookies (very small and harmless files that could be downloaded to your device if your setup allows) to assist with high level (non-personal)  identification. We may also aggregate some data that you submit such as the city, country or request category when you contact us. None of this data collection is aimed at identifying you in person, but rather at providing you with future enhanced services and experiences through analytics.

 Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions or concerns related to this Privacy Policy.