Who we are ....

It is wisely said “You are Your Business” which means that we should connect with our inner desires and let them be the reflection of who we are and what we create for the outside world. Our name, “QBase Management”, reflects who we are and what we do.

Still wondering what does the name mean and where does it come from?

Long story, but let us make it short here:

You can think of “Q” as “Q”-the letter, or the word “Queue”. “Q”-the letter has been a symbolic reference to Quality. On the other hand, “Queue” has been a good foundation for both Management and Technology Evolution. For many decades, “Queue Management” has proven to be a very effective management approach and hence it has been widely used for all business aspects such as production and service management. Assembly lines go in queues, people line in queues to be best served. Technologists know about the powerful impact of the “Queue Management” in technology architecture such as “Round-Robin” which has been the foundation for the computing technology we have today. A “Queue” has always symbolized the sense of being “organized”, “well-managed”, and the “elimination of crowds and chaos”. This is since with a queue, managers have it all under control as they can do a better job of monitoring lines and reallocating resources whenever they observe any change in queue performance. In both Management and Technology worlds, Queues have always increased efficiency, improved productivity, expedited processing, prevented breakdowns, and decreased the overall waiting times.

The product or service where queues are used is always perceived as well-managed and as of best result or value.

So In a nutshell: we, “QBase Management”, are a social enterprise that is founded based on Quality, Service Efficiency, Reliability, Best Management, and Perceived Value. This is what our name stands for and this is who we are!

We are a Management Consulting and Marketing Agency with specialization in Business Events, Associations Development and Management, Fundraising Solutions, and On-Demand Marketing. We are Professional Event Planners, Associations Experts and Marketing Professionals who leverage the Affiliation, Advocacy, Event, and On-Demand Marketing as powerful Marketing Techniques when applied the right way, at the right time and in good balance.

Headquartered in Toronto (Canada), we leverage our diversity, economic and political stability to create innovative Marketing Solutions for Local and Global Connections as well as for Professional and Community Engagements. Our core operations are all in Canada, with global Partners, Reach and Perspectives as well as international clients.